Purba Dairy & Agro Farm Ltd.

Purba Dairy Cow’s Milk is an honest attempt to serve nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free milk. It’s an equivalent of serving fresh whole milk from your own farm while being present in an urban living

About Our Dairy Farm

We take pride in the fact that we are able to provide milk which is pure and fresh Aiming to provide milk that is highly nutritious and consistent in quality, we take the maintenance of our farming system very seriously. By applying stringent standards and other methods including the plantation of medicinal trees around the farm, we ensure that the environment we provide to our cattle is clean. Starting from providing them primary treatments with herbs like Neem, Bashok and so on, to organic grass from our own farms, we make sure our cows are well taken care of from the get-go. Under the capable hands of our skilled workforce including AI technicians and veterinarians, our cows stay healthy boosting the milk we get from them in terms of nutritional value, allowing us to provide you the healthiest and tastiest milk.

Why Choose Us

We are accessible daily from 8.am to 8.pm. In our honest attempt we provide farm fresh cow milk to serve chemical and preservative – free, nutritious milk. The cows do not get any hormonal injections to enhance the quality of farm fresh organic milk yield. Surveys have proved that the consumption of milk contaminated with oxytocin has link with children’s early onset of puberty, rising on an alarming rate these days. We do packaging using one of the safest materials, non-reactive and non-toxic, in comparison with other packaging materials, which can leach into food products. In future we look to bringing more farm fresh organic milk to your dining table.

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